Captivated Artist Productions Inc. (CAP Inc.) is a production services company based in Los Angeles, CA that offers independent filmmakers full production services that include:

  • Comprehensive Liability & Rental Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Payroll Services
  • Creative Consulting (script, casting, etc.)
  • Crew Hiring
  • On-set Support
  • Post Production Supervising
  • Film Festival Strategy

Captivated Artist Productions Inc. (CAP Inc.) is a production services company focusing on independent productions in the U.S. and Canada.

Roberta Marie Munroe, its Chief Creative Officer, is an author, former Sundance programmer, and award-winning producer/director of over 40 short form projects. Munroe has personally produced short and feature length projects with budgets ranging from $30K to $1.2M, and she has written and directed several short films that achieved exceptional festival and distribution results. IMDb

With Munroe at the helm, CAP Inc. acted as the production services company for AT&T Hello Lab, producing 5 short films with budgets of approximately $175K per film. Munroe produced 3 of those films for AT&T, including The Lost, which enjoyed significant festival success and is nominated for a 2018 Artios Award.

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CAP Inc. also produced The Parker Tribe, a half-hour comedy pilot that won the coveted 2015 New York Film & Television Critics Award after premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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In independent filmmaking, you need someone you can trust, who understands not only the intricacies of indie film budgets, but also the responsibilities filmmakers have to their teams and investors who help make their dream come true.

Roberta Munroe is a champion of indie filmmakers worldwide. Choose CAP Inc. and Roberta Munroe for your production needs — you will not be disappointed!


to get the help you need to have a successful shoot,
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Roberta does one-on-one consulting with filmmakers privately.

You have a script or rough cut, or are getting rejected from festivals ?

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if you haven’t made a film yet or been selected for a film festival, read my book, - it’s available in paperback, digital and the audio version is read by me! - then reach out to me privately at

Former Sundance Programmer, Award-Winning filmmaker, and author Roberta Marie Munroe will be sharing her in-depth knowledge with filmmakers on how to make short films that guarantee success.

Short films have been enjoying the spotlight and launching the careers of filmmakers on a global scale at film festivals such as the Toronto (TIFF), Berlinale, Cannes, Palm Springs ShortsFest and many more.

“Making a short can be a very daunting and difficult task. However, it can also be fun, inspiring and the perfect launching pad for artists looking to make feature films, work in television or continue to make short format content! My Masterclasses help filmmakers understand what elements must be in place to make their short a viable project.” – Roberta Munroe.

About Roberta Marie Munroe: A short film programmer for the Sundance Film Festival (2001-2006), and author of the Amazon Best Seller How Not To Make A Short Film: Secrets From A Sundance Programmer, and an award winning short filmmaker herself, Munroe understands well what it takes to make a great short and get then to get maximum distribution for it.

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You have a script or rough cut, or are getting rejected from festivals, and you would rather work one-on-one?



This is a perfect time to do that. Right now, I’m offering one-on-one artists $275 an hour with no minimum. I’ll review your work, and then these intensives happen on the phone or via video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.).