Captivated, Inc was founded by director, producer, author Roberta Marie Munroe.

Current projects include:

Cherrybrook, a feature documentary based on Munroe’s family lineage from the Underground Railroad to Halifax, Nova Scotia to Toronto, Ontario. In development.

Contact Sport, written by Lauren Johnson and directed by Roberta Munroe. An old-school, laugh out loud lesbian comedy when two softball teams whose happiness or sorrow rests on the sexual escapades of one rockstar batter.

Shame On You, with producing partner, Jamie Noel, is a feature documentary that illuminates the controversial and frequently censored subject of sexuality shaming and violence, by objectively addressing this pressing social issue both in the United States and globally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status. In post production.

Untitled Feature Narrative, written & directed by Roberta, starring Anslem Richardson, is a feature narrative based on the life of one man who makes a drunken decision that brings with it a baby, and a day in court. In development.